About Faerie

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Faerie M. Grace

Faerie is an engaging inspirational keynote speaker. She sees the beauty and talent in all of us.

“Everyone has a purpose and unique calling.” -Faerie Grace

What makes you different makes you beautiful.” -Faerie Grace

Faerie creates keynote speeches that are memorable and captivating by using the art and skill of professional balloon twisting, years of theater experience, along with film work, producing and directing, and daily education on living a more successful and happier life.

Working with Highmark, PNC BANK, SPIRIT Airlines, JOANN Fabric….You will be energized and educated.

Beyond being a Keynote Speaker Faerie also offers Team Building Workshops and Inspirational Retreat Programs. All programs can be have faith based elements added.

Faerie is a Sunday school teacher to elementary age students.

A youth leader to middle school and high school students.

An author, Wacky Jacky, Wacky Jacky Paints, Wacky Jacky And The Tiny Treasures, Franky And His Bean, Killian’s Adventure, Dance In The Storm, and My 30 Day Prayer Journal and Planner. 

Faerie does “The Kindness Show.” and “The Stages of The Butterfly’s Life” for Daycares and Schools. Both programs are interactive and teach children to be kind to all and have confidence in themselves.

Faerie’s Specialties




Team building


Achieving your dreams


Helping you become fearless and unapologetically you!

An inspirational speaker that is a force to be reckoned with!

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